New Job at Rhythm & Hues!

I have accepted a four month contract with Rhythm & Hues where apparently we will be having a bit of an SAU reunion and I’m bringing at least a couple of my Starz friends with me. It has all happened so fast that I haven’t had any time to post about it until now.

I’d like to give a huge thanks to those of you who spent the time watching my reel and telling me what sucked about it. It sure payed off.

I felt after two years of bouncing around different departments at DKP/IDT/Starz that it was time to move on and take the next big step in my journey. I had gotten my foot in the door as a character finaler, but even though I did move into an animator position it seemed that there was always a need for finaling or layout and I was always saying “yes” when they asked me to do it. I know I have a LOT to learn about animation and it just seemed that I would learn it a lot faster by animating. The animators at Starz are like really humble rock stars. I wish I could have gotten half as good as those animators before I left.

Rhythm and Hues is going to be an enormous challenge for me, but it’s one I’ve been itching to take on. I’ve heard only good things about the studio and who doesn’t like working near a beach?

It’s been a whirlwind of activity around here: trying to pack up the apartment, arrange for my work visa, find a new apartment, find a place to store our stuff, try to find a new car to drive down in and upon failing that try to fix up our old Neon as best we can, and all while putting in our last two weeks at work. I sure hope they don’t turn us away at the border because we’ll be jobless and homeless if they do!

We’ll hit the road this Monday and I start work the following Monday. So to all of you Californians who’ve been pestering me and Linds about coming out for a visit – be careful what you wish for.

3 thoughts on “New Job at Rhythm & Hues!

  1. Good morning son,I browsed your website and blogger again, as I frequently do, and continue to be amazed and proud of your achievements and progress, although “payed” should be spelled “paid”. But then spelling is not art.Will miss you around here when you and Linds leave, but we know how beneficial this move is to your progress as a character animator, and do support you in your decision.If you hang around there long enough, I know we’ll get to do the beach thing with the both of you before too long.We love you guys and wish you well in your travel down as well as your stay, however long that might be.Love,Dad

  2. This is Edel & Bill Longard-our daughter Carol who lives in Glendale would like to get in touch with you both. Told Jan the same thing!! Best of everything in your new endeavor. Edel

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