Paint with your DS

From the official website:

“Colors! is a simplistic digital painting application for Nintendo DS based on modern
painting-techniques developed for drawing tablets in programs like Photoshop. By
taking advantage of the pressure sensitivity of the DS touch-screen it becomes a
perfect portable digital sketch-book.”

This is what homebrew is all about, and frankly it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen on the DS. For those of you who have never heard of “homebrew” or thought the DS was only capable of playing games, check out the Colors! official website. There is a FAQ explaining what this homebrew stuff is all about and a gallery where you can see more really impressive paintings created with a DS and this brilliant bit of homebrewed software.

For another brilliant example of homebrew check out this video of a kid controlling his computer with his DS.

2 thoughts on “Paint with your DS

  1. Yes, it will work on both the old “phat” and new “lite” versions of the DS. In fact it is even better on the new models because of the better screen brightness. Keep in mind, for the sake of your budget, that in order to run homebrew you need to buy an adapter in addition to the DS. They come in Slot-2 (the GBA slot) and Slot-1 (the DS slot) flavours. I have an M3 Perfect, which is a slot-2 card so I also had to buy a “passme” to go in slot-1 and enable DS applications. If you don’t care about GBA homebrew (and I don’t anymore) than it’s cheaper to just buy a slot-1 adapter like an R4 DS, or an M3 Simply. The R4 is about $80 on amazon. I think most of these will also require you to buy additional memory like a mini-sd card.Stay tuned and I will post about some even better homebrew apps.

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