Our parents have a grandpuppy!

Hi, my name is Olive!!

I was adopted from the Seattle Humane Society on Thursday, January 17. I am a 3 month old Shepherd mix. I came into the shelter as a stray, so they don’t know who my parents are and they can’t tell by looking at me what I am for sure cuz I’m so young, but I certainly look like I’ve got some German Shepherd in me. I’m mainly black with brown on my legs and jaw line, white and brown on my chest and a brown patch on my bum that makes me look a bit like a baboon.

I don’t know how to animate yet, but I’m a really quick learner – when I’m not distrac… hey what’s that?

One thought on “Our parents have a grandpuppy!

  1. Tim, Thanks for the heads up about the download for the Turok reel! That made my day, haha! I should have read the fine print:) And thanks for your super kind words! Keep on bloggin’ man!Cheers,-TJ

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