Dark Void demo revealed at Captivate ’08

Capcom had a press event in Vegas last week called “Captivate ’08” and the Dark Void demo we’ve been slaving on for the past few months made its debut. Okay, so the demo wasn’t “playable” as far as letting members of the press play it, but it was a functioning demo mission that our lead designer could play and demonstrate in front of them. It turned out pretty well and the press coverage seems to be positive all around. There are some commenters complaining about things like the lack of multiplayer and the overall brownish look of the demo. The former is in the interest of a better single player experience and it works out for the animation team because we can make better, more varied animations if they don’t have to be for multiplayer. The latter is a valid complaint, but keep in mind that this is only one small environment in the game and there will be more variety when we’re done. I’m hoping for less brown myself. The only other complaint I saw a couple of times is that the helmet hides the hero’s face and makes him hard to relate to. I think only one of the articles mentioned that he won’t be wearing the helmet all of the time. It’s an upgrade that you get at some point, but you start with Will’s face visible. He’s not some faceless military cyber grunt and he won’t be one of those boring, mute (or nearly mute) characters either. Don’t forget that there are cut-scenes, too.

Three new videos
Interview, Flying Gameplay, Vert. Cover/Grip Gameplay

Some articles from the event:
Joystiq: Impressions, Still a Year Away, No MP in Dark Void
Eurogamer: Impressions, Why Capcom
IGN: Impressions
Kotaku: Impressions

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