"Malcolm" – Awesome New Free Rig From AnimSchool.com

I’ve been eagerly anticipating this one ever since they announced it. Then, after they released the Softimage version they went and made me wait for over a month to get the Maya version! Well, I guess that’s the reality of creating two complete, feature film quality rigs in separate packages. Check out the video below to get a sense of what this rig is capable of.

(Part 1 of a very thorough demonstration of the rig is available on YouTube)

As a bonus you can also download a free version of Adam Burke‘s excellent abxPicker MEL script for Maya 2011+. I loved using the old, free version of this script and was sad when the new version for Maya 2011 was no longer free.
To get your copy of abxPicker and the Malcolm rig click on the image at the top of this article or, for you lazy types, just click right here.

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