"Child of Light" Announcement Trailer

This is the most gorgeous and exciting thing I’ve seen in a long while. The art and JRPG elements are exactly what I want in a game. I was so bummed at first because I thought it was a PS4 exclusive (and I’m not getting one any time soon) but then BAM! it’s coming out for everything! Can’t wait!

Keith Lango "Retires" From Online Animation Instruction

The original online mentor for animation, Keith Lango, is going dark. Oh he’s still animating and even teaching, but he’s closing the book on his long-running online instruction and blogging.
Ten years ago, when I was in school, there wasn’t the plethora of awesome online animation resources there are today. If you wanted to print out some classic animation notes there was (and still is) AnimationMeat.com; If you wanted a forum to meet people, get feedback on your WIP, be inspired or get some practice there was 10secondclub, CG-Char, Digital|Rendering and a few others; If you wanted really clear and practical tutorials about HOW to animate there was Keith Lango.
Over the years he added even more resources like videos that explained things even more clearly, or personally tailored 1-on-1 online animation mentorship.
Today, there’s a lot of competing online animation instruction options available and Keith leads a pretty full life as it is so he won’t be creating any new online material, but all of the old stuff will be kept online so if you haven’t benefited from it yet, you still can.

The Classic Tutorials
The Video Tutorials :`(
Keith’s YouTube Channel

So thanks a bunch, Keith. I never met you, but I learned a lot from you about animation, dealing with disappointment gracefully, and remembering that there are a lot of things in life that are far more important than animation.

For those of you who don’t necessarily want to sign up for the much larger commitment of time and money that schools like Animation Mentor, iAnimate, or AnimShcool require but really want quality, on-going animation wisdom rejoice! KennyRoy has picked up the torch and is doing a fantastic job of carrying it forward.

Dark Void Has Shipped and We’re All Still Employed

Dark Void is on store shelves so go buy it! It’s now under $30 on Amazon and it really is a ton of fun to rocketpack into the middle of a firefight, land right in front of a menacing robot and Falcon-punch ’em right in the face!

Okay, okay so I’m three months late posting this, but I was busy trying to get our next AAA game green-lit. Huge props go out to Jim, Matt and Jared (owners of Airtight Games) for avoiding any layoffs at the end of Dark Void. In a time when studios everywhere are experiencing dramatic downsizing, if not outright closure, Airtight has made a deliberate effort to keep the workload (and paychecks) uninterrupted. As the Dark Void build got locked down and people rolled off of it they were able to move directly onto the Dark Void DLC team or to help pitch new projects. I can’t tell you what everyone is working on now that the DLC has shipped, but the important part is that we’re all still working.

Interesting article from GamesBeat about the history of Airtight Games

It’s a good read. I knew the general story of course, but this is a bit more detailed then the version I’ve been told. Here’s an excerpt:

To fund their venture, Deal and his three partners (excluding Fries) each anted up $6,000. The $24,000 start-up fund, he hoped, would carry them until they got a contract. Until they found a publisher, each member (and their families) had to live off savings. The team met anywhere they could, from coffee houses to the nearby public library. “We started small and built slowly,” said Deal.

Read the whole article here: How Airtight Games started a console game studio with just $24,000

Disney set to acquire Marvel

original source: animatednews.com

Soon Disney will own Marvel Entertainment. Hmm. I don’t really know what to think. It’s certainly interesting, but I really can’t say whether it’s good or bad. Seems like an odd mix, but then I never would have thought I’d see Donald Duck fighting side by side with Squall Leonhart and Kingdom Hearts turned out to be kinda good.

Stan “The Man” seems to think it’s good | Animation pundit Mayerson disagrees

If nothing else, it will at least be interesting.

Maybe we’ll see some strange mash-ups:
original source: kotaku.com

Or maybe there will be redundancies:original source: penny-arcade.com

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Golden Jetpack

Marketing is having fun with this game. 🙂

original source: www.gold4jetpack.com

On a subtler note, I think this swag-bag for members of the press is really smart. It’s a little different, it’s certainly appropriate for a game with a lot of flight and vertigo in it, and it’s stuff that the traveling press might actually have occasion to use.

So good job marketing team, except why don’t the developers get tons of free stuff?

Bear McCreary, of BSG and Terminator SCC fame is the composer for Dark Void

Here it is straight from Bear’s BSG Blog

And here’s an interview he gave on Gamespot

This is actually really old news, but I haven’t posted in about 5 months so I’m playing catch up. I think this news came out just about the day that I made my last post.

In a stroke of pure brilliance the powers that be approached Bear McCreary, the rising star known for his fantastic work on Battlestar Galactica and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, to see if he would be interested in lending his unique musical aesthetic to Dark Void. It turns out that Bear was not only excited to accept this new challenge but that he is actually a big fan of games and, in particular, a certain Man from Capcom, who can only be described as Mega. Wow, some things just come together perfectly. Serendipity, I suppose.

Bear uses a very interesting mix of traditional orchestral scoring and some unusual tribal instrument solos. Anyways, the music fits our game perfectly and what’s more it sounds so great that some commenters have gone so far as to say that the music alone will be worth the price of the game – that may be, but I hope you enjoy playing it too.