“Bravura” Reload Fix

Another case of Weapon-Wobbles due to animating a child joint (right weapon bone) too out of sync with its parent (the right hand). Worked together with a programmer to fix by using anim events to attach the weapon to the left weapon bone, and then back to the right weapon bone at the end, with fail-safes in case of the animation being interrupted.

“Quatz” Reload Fix

(Credit for footage of bugs: Blitxkriegz and CatDeeleysLeftNipple on reddit)

Sorry I was rushed and these visual bugs had to wait for a hotfix. Now I DEMAND all content creators re-make their awesome videos and gifs, stat! 😉

The floating clip bug is due to the magazine simply being animated as a part of the gun rig, which is then attached to a bone under the right hand’s hierarchy. In Maya everything looks fine with constraints and whole frames, but in engine at 60fps and with no constraints stuff drifts.

The fix required setting up events in the animation to attach the gun and the magazine to different joints on different frames (like swapping constraints in Maya) and actually required a bit of new scripting from a programmer to get working properly.

ALSO took me a while to solve a bug where interrupting the anim with a roll or melee attack would leave you with the magazine or gun still stuck in the left hand.

Now… Now, I wanna go back and fix all the old jittery reloads. But I don’t know when I’ll have time to, so hopefully you can bear with me. I’ve got my sights on you for a rainy day, Boltor Bravura Skin…

“Quatz” Reload Reference and Anim

Had a blast animating this weapon for Warframe!
I confess, the initial Quatz anim that shipped was a bit of a rush job: video reference on Thursday, one reload on Friday, one reload Monday, changed both reloads to actually eject/replace magazine on Tuesday (was originally just a plunger), then hands off for release Wednesday. The animation looked fine in Maya, but there were some in-engine bugs that had to be hotfixed shortly after.